Rise develops and designs medical software in Japan. Our works are focusing on the support software for medical and biological researches and experiments. We have always received a good reputation for our advanced technology and creation in scientific study.
We provide easy-to-use and reliable application and the system which support the customers' works.

WinCeph New Version Released!
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What is Endoscopy?
The image and the related information which were captured with the endoscopy are utilizable as a database. It is a excellent system in operativity which can use required item, conditions, etc. as a key, and can search them also with a huge quantity of image data easily.
What is Orthodontics?
WinCeph is the cephalometric analysis software which can import the Ceph X-ray image by the digital file and film scanner. Arranges the analysis points by clicking mouse. Analysis and measurement being easily by your computer. The imported image and analysed data can use as a database.
  What is Mammogram?
Sumire has been  developed specifially for mammography image, is a system that integrates the reporting & viewer. Variable magnifying grass and masking, image registration corresponding to the difference of the MLO and CC, past image and the ultrasound image.
You can effectively use the existing equipment can be DICOM connection with third-party PACS.
What is Bone age?
It is the completely new system which can assess the bone age for Japanese people. It was far more objective than an atlas method like the old GP method, and the score method represented by the TW2 method, and it became possible to assess in a short time to anyone.