A communication tool for doctor and patient in orthodontic treatment and practices. Powered by database function to manage patient data

  WinCeph allows you to import the Ceph image directly from a TWAIN scanner and digital image. The image processing function allows you to enhance the image easily. You can assign all of the analysis points easily. If your Ceph image was clear, you don't need to trace the Ceph image. Therefore, you don't need a dark room or digitizer and valuable long time anymore.   Since all measurement results and Profilogram can be obtained in a few minutes, you can explain to patient instantly. Moreover, the imported image can be used as a image database as it is. It can Morphing superposition and set the photo gallery, and drawing Profilogram and Ricketts diagrams, all setting in the measurement item can respond to the analysis item. (Original analysis can be defined.)


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