We always start from here.

The information society has advanced to a high degree, and the era is progressing towards the strategy of information. In future corporate activities, what is required of computers is the ability to exceed the functions of rationalization and labor saving, that is, the role as an effective tool of corporate strategy with purpose oriented role.

To that end, the performance of the hardware is obvious, but software is more important than that. We have developed a number of software that takes in customer needs and executes the necessary objects accurately.

"Computers are human-like tools"

This is the philosophy that we value the most in software development. Through easy-to-handle, human-friendly software development, we will contribute to the formation of a richer human society.

Harmonious 和のこころ

Worthy good software is born where the vision of the user and the romance of our technology blend.

We value engineers' knowledge and ideas, and above all, sensitivity and advance work while imagining the site and situations where applications are used.

In addition, our advanced technology and advanced ideas are highly acclaimed in the field of academic research, science and technology research.

"We want to deliver software that can operate comfortably and can do a good job. "

In order to realize this goal in the best form, we are striving to develop new technologies that will embody the potential needs of users and lead to even better future.

Quality 質のあるソフト

We aim to offer "fresh" "advanced" "trustworthy" software.

The systems and software we develop can be divided into the following four categories.

Many of our software often works over two or more categories, and it is being developed with the aim of becoming a powerful tool combining processing functions in all fields.