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Bone age estimate program

Bone age calculation and Profilogram growth prediction

OS: Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 8.1、Windows 10
Monitor: 1024x768 or more resolution.

* It can only be used in one of the facilities tha had you registered at the time of purchase.

* Cannot install on Windows RT 8, Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 10 S.

Importance of bone age in orthodontic treatment

X-ray photograph

Growth of skeleton at puberty varies greatly among individuals. For this reason, bone age is more important than actual age for deciding when to start orthodontic treatment and choosing a treatment method.

CASMAS can analyze the X-ray photograph of hand taken from Scanner etc. according to TW 2 method and obtain the age of the patient's bone.

Calculate bone age by pushing one button

Mesurement result

Calculating Calculating the bone age according to the TW2 method is very time-consuming and specialized knowledge has been required. But CASMAS can calculate bone age with just one one button.

The bone age calculated by CASMAS was got extermly high correlation with TW2 method. In pediatric clinic, it is already started to use as an alternative to TW2 method.

* Depending on the X-ray photograph, the bone age may not be automatically calculated.

Cephalometric analysis and growth prediction

成長予測 成長予測グラフ

CASMAS can easy lateral analysis function such as line analysis, angular analysis and profilograms.

The program carries out growth prediction of mandible bone's whole length and the profilograms by the result of predicted bone age.